We Have Responded to the Laboratory Animal Model Community’s Criticism of our Petition

The public relations company for the animal model community ‘Understanding Animal Research’ (UAR) has published a letter on twitter objecting to our petition. We find this extraordinary: UAR have repeatedly and publicly agreed to participate in a public scientific debate organised by the science-based campaign ‘For Life On Earth’ (FLOE), with the highly qualified medical experts at Europeans For Medical Advancement (EFMA), whose sole scientific focus addresses the false claim that results from experiments on laboratory animal models can be applied to ‘predict’ the responses of human patients in medical research. After 12 months, UAR still have not been able to supply the name of their main speaker for this event which is delaying the debate indefinitely. As finding effective cures and saving lives is the issue, we are astonished why their problem is not one of too many names, rather than none at all. By agreeing to a debate organised by FLOE, whose evidence is illustrated exclusively by the experts at EFMA, UAR are surely aware that the subject of the debate motion could only focus on EFMA’s clearly stated sole scientific concern: namely their opposition to the claim that animal experiments are able to ‘predict’ the responses of humans.

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