The PR company for animal experimentation fails science AND morality, for human patients!


Patients Campaigning For Cures raise awareness of the vital moral issue of human suffering and death, caused by the now proven failure of animal experiments to help in the search for effective treatments and cures. This human aspect is often overlooked in questioning the morality of animal experiments.

This week, the PR company for animal experimentation, ‘Understanding Animal Research’ (UAR) not only lied about current science, but were additionally exposed by panellist Giles Fraser as failing to uphold a consistent moral position about animals, on the radio programme Moral Maze.

138 MPs, to date, are now calling for UAR to submit the name of their scientist for a rigorous public medical debateĀ  – overseen by independent experts from the relevant fields of science – about false claims that laboratory animal models can predict the responses of human patients. Evidence from this medical hearing can then be submitted to decision makers in order to revoke a 70 year old outdated law, which still requires animal testing, despite its now proven failure.

Scientists from the wider community, outside the animal-based research sector, are increasingly reporting on the failure of animal models for human patients, including the Editor in Chief of the British Medical Journal and pharmaceutical companies. And today, current understanding of evolutionary biology and complexity science has delivered Trans-Species Modeling Theory, which explains how and why animals fail as predictive models of humans.

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