The New Statesman Publishes our Article with the Open Letter to Prof. Colin Blakemore, led by Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham, Peter Egan and Dr. Jane Goodall DBE.

The New Statesman publishes our piece today, about the vital need for a rigorous public scientific debate – judged by experts from the relevant fields of science – about claims that results from animal experiments can predict the responses of human patients, in medical research and drug safety testing.

The New Statesman piece closes by printing the Open Letter to kitten experimenter Prof. Colin Blakemore, signed by Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham, Peter Egan, Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, Jane Fallon, Lesley Nicol, Jill Robinson MBE, Rumer and Rick Wakeman. This letter calls upon Prof. Blakemore to agree to participate in the thorough scientific debate, as called for by 138 MPs, to date, who have signed four Parliamentary EDMs calling for this vital science hearing. The hearing will stop the funding of worthless animal models and speed up cures for humans, by re-directing valuable finance to state-of-the-art human based methods, which are viable – not ‘alternatives’.

To read the New Statesman article, please visit this link.

To read why human-based research is viable – not an ‘alternative’ to animal testing – please visit this link.

If you live in the UK you can ask your MP to sign EDM 66, calling for this science hearing. Simply type in your post code at this link and send your letter today.