The medical Board which provides our evidence has named Trans-Species Modeling Theory (TSMT) which is similar in significance to The Germ Theory of Disease and The Theory of Evolution . Like all great scientific theories, TSMT places many decades of observed practical examples – in our case the failure of results from experiments on laboratory animal models to predict responses in human patients – within a wider context, in our case current understanding of evolutionary biology and complexity, in order to explain exactly how and why those practical examples always have, and always will, occur.

Some organisations, who focus on the suffering of laboratory animals, ignore this current scientific evidence and continue to call for more comparative studies between animal tests and human biology based tests. Others suggest that we need more data to prove this position. Others suggest that only recently has enough data been available to stop experimenting on dogs only. This does not help Patients Campaigning for Cures. A critique entitled The Ethical the Implications for Humans in Light of the Poor Predictive Value of Animal Models, published in August 2014 in The International Journal of Clinical Medicine summarizes such positions as ‘scientifically unsustainable and unethical’. We hereby call upon the organisations who continue to hold these positions to please familiarize themselves with Trans-Species Modeling Theory and the Resources page at AFMA/EFMA, so that they can start to help Patients Campaigning For Cures at the earliest, not latest, opportunity.