Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham and Peter Egan lead celebrity signatures on an Open Letter to Colin Blakemore

Ricky Gervais and Chris Packham have joined Peter Egan in leading celebrity signatures on an Open Letter to Britain’s main advocate for animal experiments, Prof. Colin Blakemore – infamous for sewing kittens’ eyes shut, in experiments that he falsely claimed shed light on the human brain.

To read the full statement by science-based campaign FLOE please visit this link.

Press this week include dog magazines ‘Tails’ and K9 Magazine, tweets below:

The Hull Daily Mail (HDM) covered this story on 10th October, and published the Open Letter to Colin Blakemore. The HDM is the main newspaper in Yorkshire, where B&K lab Beagle breeders are based.


Six new MPs have signed Parliamentary EDM 66 this week, calling for the Open Letter’s rigorous science hearing. To ask your MP to sign the EDM simply type in your post code at this link.