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Please buy FAQS About the Use of Animals in Science: a Handbook for the Scientifically Perplexed (2009) Shanks PhD and Greek MD.

This book, especially written for the layman or non-scientist, is co-authored by two of the medical experts who represent our case. It’s a simpler version of the seminal science work Animal Models in Light of Evolution, (2009) Shanks PhD and Greek MD, which is written for scientists with a doctorate. The FAQS book explains the urgency of our position and why we need your help and support to get this life saving evidence OUT THERE!

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Additional material:

The Nuermberg Code subverts human health and safety by requiring animal modelling Ray Greek MD, Annalea Pippus JD, Lawrence A Hansen MD, BMC Medical Ethics 2012 Jul 8;13(1):16. doi:10.1186/1472-6939-13-16

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What Will We Do If We Don’t Experiment On Animals? Medical Research for the Twenty-First Century Greek MD and Greek DVM