Prof. Dominic Wells – we demand that you step into EDM 373’s medical debate arena!

Prof. Dominic Wells is making dangerous claims about human medical science that will hurt the effective path of finding cures for muscular dystrophy. He is promoting the purpose breeding of beagle dogs with an illness he advertises as ‘very similar’ to human muscular dystrophy, so that dogs can be treated with drugs that will then be tried out on humans. This ignores every aspect of current medical understanding, which now proves how and why even identical human twins can suffer from entirely different illnesses and require treatments that are specific to their unique genetic profiles. For more please visit this link, or read the Open Letter against using Beagles as surrogate humans in safety testing and medical research, by the president of our medical Board.

We take this opportunity to call Prof. Wells into the medical debate area promoted by MPs signing Parliamentary EDM 373. If Prof. Wells is right, he should jump at the opportunity to prove his claims in a hearing that will have expert judges from the relevant fields of scientific expertise.