Our Supporters

Michael Mansfield QCBritain’s foremost human rights defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC, pictured above, has endorsed the debate conditions for MPs who are signing  EDM 400, calling for scientists – who still claim that results from experiments on laboratory animal models can ‘predict’ the responses of human patients – to agree to participate in properly moderated public scientific debate with the medical experts who provide our evidence. We are honored and delighted to be highlighted in the text of this EDM

We are also supported indirectly by the following public figures who have written statements and signed petitions highlighting the medical Board which illustrates our evidence:

John Lill 16 October 11Peter Egan

Pictured left, Patron of the science-based campaign FLOE, acclaimed  actor Peter Egan

Pictured far left, John Lill CBE, winner of the 1970 Tchaikovsky piano competition: one of the world’s greatest concert pianists.

The wonderful actress Lesley Nicol, below, who plays Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey! Mrs Patmore

Preeminent primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, who has released a filmed statement of herself calling for science debate hearing outlined by EDM 66: