Our Founder and Vision

Since leaving university, our founder Rebecca Groves has worked tirelessly towards establishing a patient’s campaign for the abandonment of failed research methods, and the immediate adoption of effective human-based predictive tools and techniques, which have a track record of success capable of discovering effective treatments and cures.

Patients Campaigning For Cures reflects Rebecca’s optimism, youth and unwavering commitment to put her illness to good work.


We campaign with scientific experts for personalised medicine: effective treatments and cures tailor made “for the patient by the patient”.


We will achieve our goals by communicating with:

1. MPs, Government policy makers and regulators

2. The public

3. The media, by way of reaching the wider public

4. The scientific community, including:

a) Scientists who actively engage in human-biology based research which is valid for human patients

b) The animal experimentation community, including its funders, commercial organisations, societies, universities and individual scientists

4. Animal protectionists

5. Young people attending schools and youth clubs