Our founder, Rebecca Grove’s January blog

Rebecca's new facebook profileWell, I guess I should¬†start by saying “Happy New Year” to you all. Personally, I find this time of year quite hard. Everything seems to go flat after all the celebrations of Christmas and new year, the weather isn’t very good, and everyone seems to take the whole month to catch up with stuff they didn’t get time to do over Christmas. Also, my volunteer work doesn’t start until March, So I don’t get to go out much.

I am supposed to be keeping this blog positive, but I have decided to be more reflective this month. It seems appropriate for this time of year. Firstly, looking back on last year and what we achieved in getting this campaign up and running. We got a lot of interest from MPs and the public, and from you all lovely readers of this blog and viewers of this website. All in all, things have got off to a great start and I am confident that things will continue to go from strength to strength this year.

Looking forward to this year, I hope we will get more interest from MPs and that more will start to follow our campaign and get involved. I also hope that our scientific debates will get underway, and that scientists who don’t understand where we are coming from at the moment, will see and hear the evidence for themselves, and will come round to our way of thinking and join our campaign. What I hope most of all for this year though, is that we will continue to grow as an organisation and more people will be made aware of the huge dis-service that is being done to the animals who are suffering as a result of being experimented on and to us, the patients who are having to take drugs, that we know are potentially very dangerous.