Why we oppose the false ‘Humanimal Trust’ and its appeal for funding of ‘One Medicine’ – to treat humans and animals alike!!

This post marks the launch of our focus on the extremely damaging consequences of buying into the false concept of ‘One Medicine’ – for animals and humans alike. The president of our medical Board, Dr Ray Greek, has published an excellent blog, titled ‘Many Species, Many Responses to Drugs and Diseases’ which addresses the Humanimal Trust’s recent appeal for funding of the entirely misleading ‘One Medicine’, and we urge you to please read Dr Greek’s excellent blog as this short post does not do it justice.

Many will be shocked to learn that the concept of ‘One Medicine’ is being presented to Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, for funding, by TV ‘Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick who founded ‘The Humanimal Trust’. Mr Fitzpatrick’s appeal to the Committee suggests that by using veterinary patients – such as dogs and cats – as claimed predictive models of human patients, this will ‘reduce’ the numbers of purpose bred laboratory animals. This is a very good example of the false scientific principles of animal modelling being supported by the 3Rs – Reduction, Refinement and Replacement – an initiative introduced in 1959 to develop ‘humane experimental technique’ on animals.

Make no mistake: whether the animal is a an outpatient at a veterinary clinic or a prisoner in an animal laboratory, neither animal will be able to predict the responses of human patients. This medical fact is openly acknowledge by the wider scientific community – outside the vested interests – including the British Medical Journal,   The Medical Research Council and the National Institutes of Health, whose latest statistic, that animal modelled medicines have a failure rate in excess of 95%, was released on October 8th.

Some of you may be interested to read an article by the science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE) which was commissioned by the campaign ‘Oppose B&K Universal’ many months ago now, to document Noel Fitzpatrick’s  support of the principles of animal experimentation for human patients; this article can be accessed here.

In closing we again urge our readers to visit our medical Board’s excellent critique, it’s about the ‘Humanimal Trust’, and our short post today does not do that critique justice – here’s the link to Dr Greek’s piece.