New Petition: TV ‘Supervet’ please close the false Humanimal Trust and agree to participate in the EDM 66 science debate


We have launched a new petition asking TV ‘Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick to close down his misleading ‘Humanimal Trust’ and agree to participate in the scientific debate called for by Parliamentary EDM 66.

Noel Fitzpatrick has formed the ‘Humanimal Trust’ which promotes the false medical notion that animal experiments can predict the responses of human patients, in disease research and the safety testing of new human medicines. Noel is using naturally occurring illnesses in his veterinary patients and applying that data to humans, to conform to the misleading 3Rs Govt.  policy – which ignores current medical knowledge by asking for the numbers of lab animals to be merely reduced. Make no mistake: whether they are veterinary patients or lab animals, the same science applies: animals do not hold predictive value for humans.

Given that there is an ethical issue here too, reducing animal numbers does not address those individual dogs, cats, primates and rodents still left lingering in laboratories after their numbers have been reduced.

In May 2016, the Humanimal Trust submitted incorrect science evidence to Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, in order to secure funding. Our medical Board has written a detailed blog about this, not to be missed, you can read that here.

For examples of the harm and fatalities caused to human patients, by trying to apply data from animals, please visit this link .

For a brochure on why you don’t go to the vet when you are sick, please visit this link. 

Rudolph Virchow, advocate for ‘One Medicine’, opponent of Evolution and the Germ Theory of Disease

It’s worth mentioning that the Humanimal Trust cites a 19th century physician, Rudoplh Virchow, as one of the earliest advocates of ‘One Medicine’. Virchow also made the mistake of opposing Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution and never relented in his opposition. In 1877, Virchow said that the idea that man had descended from apes was an attack on society’s moral foundations and he voiced his opinion that teaching Evolution should not be permitted in Germany’s public schools. This was then acted upon by the Prussian education policy in 1882, when it was forbidden to teach natural history lessons. Virchow also opposed the Germ theory of Disease. Virchow’s own belief was that cells became diseased as a result of internal processes resulting from imbalances in the body. Virchow was partly correct: imbalances in the body can lead to cells malfunctioning and becoming diseased. However, cells can also become diseased when they are attacked by microorganisms. Virchow was wrong to oppose the Germ Theory. Virchow also opposed life-saving evidence for cleanliness and hygiene when examining human patients. Ignaz Semmelweis was the doctor in charge of a birthing ward in Vienna, Austria. In 1847 he showed that if medical staff washed their hands before examining patients, death rates dropped dramatically. Many scientists, including Virchow, dismissed Semmelweis’s work as rubbish. Semmelweis died in tragic circumstances in 1865 following the ongoing unreasonable rejection of his work by other scientists. A very large number of unnecessary deaths were caused by the dismissal of Semmelweis’s work.

139 MPs , to date, have now signed four Parliamentary EDMs calling for a rigorous science debate, judged by independent experts from the relevant fields of science – to stop the funding of animal experiments and ‘One Medicine’, now proven to also fail humans. To ask your MP to sign the current EDM simply type in your post code at this link and send your letter today!

Watch the Science Lecture

This insightful and accessible science lecture guides the viewer step by step through how and why using veterinary patients – or lab animals – to try and predict human outcomes has no scientific basis whatsoever: a MUST SEE!

Please sign and share our new petition asking Noel Fitzpatrick to close the Humanimal Trust, or agree to the EDM 66 science debate; sign and share at this link.