National Institutes of Health: Animal Testing EXCEEDS a 95% Failure Rate


We are grateful for an information request by Dr John Pippin to the National Institutes of Health, which has led to an up-to-the-minute official confirmation of the failure rate for new human medicines, after animal tests, as EXCEEDING 95 percent:

“Several thousand diseases affect humans of which only about 500 have any treatment. Thanks to our growing understanding of human biology, along with the increased availability of innovative technologies, there is an unprecedented opportunity to translate scientific discoveries more efficiently into new, more effective and safer health interventions. Currently, a novel intervention can take about 14 years and $2 billion to develop, with a failure rate exceeding 95 percent.”

For the full article please visit this link.

It is entirely unacceptable that an outdated 70 year old law continues to require animal testing for new human medicines – including the use of Beagle dogs – which is a now proven human medical disaster. We would be extremely grateful if campaigns including ‘Cruelty Free International’ and ‘Run Free’ could please STOP calling valid human-based medical research an ‘alternative method’ for something that clearly fails the human rights of patients, not just animals. Animal testing does not work. Human-based medical research has a track record of success. These are not alternatives for each other, they are opposites. Campaigning for ‘cruelty free methods that work better’ and are ‘more dependable’ is a scientific lie which has to be taken seriously, for the sake of everyone affected. We hope that related campaigns can begin to honour medical truth: if the NIH can, surely the world can also follow suit!