Incompetent article about science actually fails human patients and animals

Incompetent article about science actually fails human patients and animals

A disappointing article fails humans and animals by suggesting that animal models may have helped in the past, and have not yet been ‘evaluated sufficiently’. This ignores current medical facts that should be being promoted by all who want to help human patients and animals. The article is called ‘The necessity of animal research does not mean it’s ethical‘ and is written by Samual Garner, a bioethicist who is an associate fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

We oppose the use of animals in medical research, and provide the following comments on the article which we hope will help those who wish to speed up the arrival of cures for human patients, and help stop the suffering of lab animals.

The article falsely states:

‘Despite strong claims about the historical benefits of animal research from the scientific community, the accuracy of animal models in predicting human responses has not been evaluated sufficiently’

In fact, the predictive value of animal models for human patients has been evaluated very thoroughly  by our experts at the leading medical Board Americans and Europeans for Medical Advancement, whose Trans-Species Modeling Theory (TSMT) – comparable to The Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Relativity – provides exact science explaining why animals always have failed – and always will fail – human patients in the search for cures to diseases, and the safety testing of new human medicines. We’re disappointed that the author of this article is not familiar with up-to-date medical science and we will be writing to him in due course.

The article continues with this false statement:

‘This does not mean that animal research has never produced any or even many important medical benefits, but these claims require empirical validation, not simply repeated assertion’.

In fact animal models have consistently de-railed human medical research since 1847, when animal experiments were first institutionalised by Claude Bernard who went on to oppose The Theory of Evolution. For fifty examples of animal models that have led to human deaths please visit this link. For more information on the devastating harm caused by animal experiments to human patients please visit our medical experts at AFMA/EFMA. The overwhelming harm caused to humans by the persistent use of veterinary principles, via animal models, is also recognised by pharmaceutical companies, who write about the failure of animal models in their drug development process openly and often in the scientific literature; please visit this link for extensive and referenced quotes.

The article continues by falsely suggesting:

‘It also means that scientists and science agencies should be much more aggressive about seeking and funding alternatives to animals in research’.

The scientific truth is that there is no alternative to animal models because they do not work. But this author believes that animal experimentation may have medical value for humans, so he asks for ‘alternatives’, which are part of the false 3Rs system promoted by the PR company for animal experimentation ‘Understanding Animal Research’. Asking for ‘alternatives to animal models’ is typical of those who have no grasp of up-to-date medical understanding The correct medical name for sound science – which has predictive value for humans – is valid or viable; and there are many such methods available today. These are not alternatives.

The article continues:

‘To say that animal models are “necessary” when alternatives are not aggressively pursued seems a bit dishonest. And given the amount of harm caused to animals in research—whether you think it’s justified or not—we should all want the alternatives field to grow’.

This is scientifically wrong. It is not justifiable to uses animals in medical research because the experiments also kill humans. Decades of practical evidence supports this medical position but the author of this article ignores this, and thereby fails the very cause he purports to be trying to help. If you want to help animals you need to advertise current scientific facts – and up-to-date medical knowledge is not just on the side of human patients, it’s also on the side of lab animals. Animal models are now proven to have never worked in the first place: MPs are signing Parliamentary EDM 373, which calls for animal modellers to agree to debate our medical experts who can supply the necessary medical proof – judged by independent experts – so that animal experiments can, and will, stop.

If you haven’t done so already please ask your MP to sign EDM 373 and help the accelerate the realisation of this important scientific debate hearing.