Don’t be FRAMED by FRAME!

More false science perpetuated by registered charities, tragically confined by the Government’s Charites Commission in order to limit campaigning to the false 3Rs.

FRAME is one such charity – ‘Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Research’  – and the director of the FRAME laboratory is Dr Andrew Bennett, an active animal experimenter who conducts painful invasive experiments on rats,  falsely claiming they are predictive models of human patients.

Flying in the face of current medical knowledge – that animals are now proven to have never held predictive value for human patients – FRAME spouts the usual 3Rs nonsense, calling for something that has never existed in the first place to be ‘replaced with an alternative’, excerpt below:

‘While EU law says that alternative methods should be used if they are available, there are many areas where no effective non-animal methods exist. The latest Directive says EU member states should support alternatives, but there is no specific legal requirement to create them. FRAME is helping to find them.’

Our position at PCFC is clear: animal models are killing human patients. Abandoning this level of catastrophe is never dependent upon anything else being available.

MEP Eleonora Evi recently invited the president of our medical Board, Dr Ray Greek, to address a Conference at the EU Parliament.  Filmed below, Dr Greek  outlines the thorough medical debate hearing  which needs to happen. Judged by independent experts, this hearing will enable decision makers to refuse advice from the vested interests (including the 3Rs), which is currently creating an unprecedented rise in often fatal illnesses, with the subsequent knock-on-effect of national economic burdens.

Dr Andre Menache, below, also addressed the same EU Conference, highlighting the misleading 3Rs, and concluding that animal experimentation for human patients is “the biggest health scandal of modern times – and the biggest scientific fraud of modern times”.


131 MPs have now signed four Parliamentary Early Day Motions (EDMs), calling for the thorough science debate hearing, outlined by Drs Greek and Menache above. Please ask your MP to sign the current EDM 400! Simply type in your post code at this link to write to your MP today.