Cruelty Free International is not up-to-speed with current medical langauge and science expertise


Animal experiments are sold to society as a claimed scientific endeavour, so it is absolutely vital to make sure  correct and up-to-date scientific language is employed to oppose this non-scientific practice, which is now proven to also cause harm and fatalities to human patients.

Animal protection organisations are actually getting in the way of abolishing animal testing, because they don’t work with science experts who are sufficiently qualified in this highly specialist medical field. We’d like those animal protectionists to work with our experts.

Cruelty Free International, for example, have a page where they say animal testing must be replaced with ‘alternatives’. Calling for animal testing – now proven to cause harm and fatalities to humans – to be replaced with an ‘alternative’ is clearly conceptual linguistic nonsense. Human-based research is viable – not an alternative: animal testing fails patients, human-based research saves lives. These are opposites, not alternatives. Words have meanings, and in science those meanings have far reaching, life and death consequences.

Calling for animal tests to be replaced with ‘alternatives’ is part of an outdated system called the 3Rs – the National Centre for 3Rs , for ‘humane experimental technique on animals’ – and the Animals in Scientific procedures Act, which falsely holds that animal experiments do have predictive value for humans and that these experiments must continue “unless there is an alternative”.

The main PR organisation for animal experiments, ‘Understanding Animal Research’, has a page dedicated to the 3Rs and replacing animals with ‘alternatives’.

Cruelty Free International also claims that the stress of animals in labs will affect the ability of animals to predict the responses of human patients: ‘stress inherent to laboratory life and experiments affects not just welfare but also the reliability and human relevance of results’. This is not true. Animals cannot predict human responses because of millions of years of evolution which separates them from the animals in question – and all that that this brings to bear on species differences and their impact on complexity science principles in genetics and complex systems. For more on this please visit Trans Species Modeling Theory (Drs. Shanks and Greek) and watch the science lecture by our senior doctor, below:

To end animal experiments, animal protectionists need to understand that they are playing with patients’ lives when they get the science wrong – and they are playing into the hands of the animal experimentation community, who need the 3Rs and sloppy science to survive.