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Welcome life-saving Parliamentary EDM 175!

Dr. Lisa Cameron MP has tabled a crucial new Parliamentary Early Day Motion, EDM 175, calling for the Government to mandate a public scientific hearing – judged by independent experts from the relevant fields of science – on claims that veterinary principles, from animal experiments, should be applied to human patients in medical research and… Read more »

Don’t be fooled by the 1R!

A statement has been issued by a charity called ‘Animal Free Research’ (AFR) who promote the most misleading of all the 3Rs – the 1R called ‘replacement with alternatives’. The 3Rs is an outdated policy established in 1959, for ‘humane experimental technique on animals.’ The 1R promoted by AFR is part of an outdated law… Read more »

Our senior doctor, Ray Greek, on how COVID 19 illustrates why trying to model humans, using dogs and other animals, is a medical catastrophe for patients.

Our senior doctor Ray Greek has written an article with finance professor, Lisa Kramer, on how COVID 19 – with its very different effects on different species – represents the perfect illustration of why using animals, to try and predict in advance what will happen to humans, is nothing short of a medical catastrophe for… Read more »

Groundbreaking new film with Ricky Gervais in conversation with our senior doctor, Ray Greek MD.

A groundbreaking new film featuring Ricky Gervais in conversation with our senior doctor, leading science expert Ray Greek has been launched marking the dawn of a life-saving focus on science and the overwhelming medical evidence against using animals as claimed predictive models of human patients, in medical research and safety testing. You can watch the… Read more »

New lecture by Professor of finance, Lisa Kramer.

Human Stakeholders and the Use of Animals in Drug Development Please watch the brilliant new lecture titled ‘Human Stakeholders and the Use of Animals in Drug Development’, delivered at Toronto University on March 4th, by Professor of finance, Lisa Kramer. To watch the lecture please visit this link or click the image below: This lecture shows that: constrained… Read more »

Cruelty Free International is not up-to-speed with current medical langauge and science expertise

  Animal experiments are sold to society as a claimed scientific endeavour, so it is absolutely vital to make sure  correct and up-to-date scientific language is employed to oppose this non-scientific practice, which is now proven to also cause harm and fatalities to human patients. Animal protection organisations are actually getting in the way of… Read more »