Active animal modelers who are currently funded by the Dr Hadwen Trust

The following list comprise 1/3rd of the portfolio of scientists currently funded by the DTH, but who are also active animal modelers recently publishing the results of invasive experiments on live mice, as well studies using cells from the bodies of dead rats and mice. All the experiments falsely claimed to have predictive value for human patients.

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Dejian Zhou, University of Leeds 2015, experimented on tumor bearing mice: ;2014:

Susan Francis, University of Nottingham 2015, experimented on a mouse model of Huntington’s disease

James Ross Edinburgh University, 2015: experimentally induced kidney damage in mice The mice had one kidney surgically removed while the remaining kidney was artificially damaged to study the effects of an experimental treatment. The mice were killed 24 hours after surgery. It is not clear from the discussion at the end of the article what conclusions could be drawn from the experiment.

Lorna Harries, University of Exeter 2015, experimented on a mouse model of  prostate cancer

Helen Wheadon, University of Glasgow, uses mice cells ; ; ; and

Sarah Richardson University of Exeter, uses rat cells, ;

Richard Shelton, University of Birmingham, uses rat mesenchymal stem cells