A giant Beagle is touring the UK to raise funds for human-relevant Cancer Research Wales!!

An amazing giant Beagle is touring the UK, raising money for precision medicine: human-relevant Cancer Research Wales, a charity that understands the need for human-based research, not mice-based data!!!

Please DONATE to Cancer Research Wales, via the Big Beagle’s Just Giving page.

The girls taking this gorgeous #BigDog for his walks round the UK have been inspired by the amazing positivity of Stephen Sutton and one of his last bucket wishes: “to hug an animal bigger than me”. So Gina, Alex and Debbie have built a giant dog which has, this week, visited the stars at Hollyoaks; walked across the Humber Bridge; visited Manchester United and K9 at Doctor Who; appeared on BBC TV news and radio and is going places!!!

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The BB at Hollyoaks