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Patients Campaigning For Cures (PCFC) is a new organisation run by patients for patients.We campaign with leading scientific experts for personalised medicine, effective treatments and cures.

We also work with patients' families and friends, their carers and valued medical professionals who all believe, like us, that medical research should have discovered many more effective treatments and cures by now. We understand why this has not been the case and what the solution is. We support MPs that are working in particular alongside Britain's foremost human rights defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC - who has endorsed the conditions for historic public scientific debate - so that up-to-date medical evidence can be heard by scientists, the Government and public in order to change now clearly outdated laws. and speed up the arrival of effective treatments and cures.

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Please ask your MP to sign Parliamentary EDM 400. 122 MPs, to date, have now signed 4 Early Day Motions holding animal experiments to effective, public medical account in thorough scientific debate hearings that will be overseen by independent judges from the relevant fields of scientific expertise.

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If you are a patient yourself, a relation, friend or carer for someone who is ill, please JOIN US! We are developing a loud voice for effective medical research, tailor made by leading scientific experts "for the patient by the patient". ADD YOUR VOICE!

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What makes each patient unique?

In a word: genes. Current medical knowledge now understands that each of us has evolved to be a highly complex individual, with a totally unique genetic profile.

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Take me to the sophisticated state-of-the-art research which is making headway now and helping patients find effective treatments!

There are many incredibly exciting, valid research methods that are providing scientists with the answers they need in the search for treatments and cures for today's diseases.

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Why we do not ask vets to treat us

  1. The above title represents no more than simple common sense, but it supports the serious fact that the continued use of laboratory animal models of human disease - which still receive the lion's share of research funding, despite not being able predict what happens in human patients - is tantamount to asking our local vets to treat our illnesses, breaking all the guidelines about keeping animal medicines away from children.

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  • Oct
    Stand Up to Misleading Animal Models of Cancer!
    Posted in: Holding the Funding of Animal Experiments to Public Scientific Account
      Today, Friday 21st October, ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ will be televised live to raise money for Cancer Research UK – which spends most of its funding on misleading animal-based re.. View >>
  • Oct
    Our top doctor is interviewed on Talk Radio Europe
    Posted in: Current Medical Understanding
      We are delighted that the president of our medical Board, Dr Ray Greek, was invited by Talk Radio Europe (TRE) to counter criticism by primate experimenter Prof. Roger Lemon, during his interv.. View >>

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